Corneal Transplants

corneal transplantThe part of the eye on which contacts are worn is called the cornea. The cornea is a transparent surface where the light passes through and imprints an image on the retina. This creates the chemically and electronically induced reaction that travels through optic nerves to the brain and this is how we "perceive" or "see." The cornea itself does not contain blood vessels, and is normally clear with a shiny surface. The cornea must be completely transparent for us to see clearly.

Corneal Transplant: PKP Eye Surgery (Penetrating Keratoplasty)

Corneal disease often compromises the smooth clear surface, affecting the quality of vision, and may require a corneal transplant to be corrected. This procedure is called PKP, or penetrating keratoplasty. It involves removing the cloudy, damaged cornea and replacing it with a healthy one. The new donor tissue is held in place with small sutures. Recovery time can be a little bit more prolonged than cataract surgery and will require several follow up appointments with Dr. Richard Palmer after the operation.

Like any transplant surgery, there are risks, but there have been many successful corneal transplant surgeries that have given people a new chance at clearer vision. PKP eye surgery does not offer immediate results, but over time can change a damaged eye into an eye that has clear vision. Because cornea surgery has both benefits and inherent risks, it's important to discuss everything with your eye surgeon. Dr. Richard Palmer. As both a comprehensive ophthalmologist and corneal specialist, Dr. Palmer will be able to help you determine if you are a good candidate for corneal transplant surgery.

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