Cataract Testimonials

“Everyone was friendly, considerate and professional and did everything possible to make me feel at ease.”

-Brenda McDonald- Toric implants Vision pre-op 20/100  Vision post-op 20/20

“I was very pleased with my cataract surgery experience. The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Palmer did a terrific job.”

-Faye Baxter- Toric implants Vision pre-op 20/40  Vision post-op 20/20

“I had to wear glasses for my years, but after surgery I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. I no longer have to wear glasses to drive! If you are considering Lasik or cataract surgery you could not find a better qualified doctor with excellent “people” interaction”

-J. Alan Magario- Crystalens implants Vision pre-op 20/80  Vision post-op 20/20

“I chose the premium Toric lenses for astigmatism- It seemed the logical choice, there are my eyes for the rest of my life. When you consider the cost of eyeglasses and sunglasses every two years, it quickly adds up. Now I see things that I haven’t seen in 30 years.”

-Joy Dianne Maxwell- Toric implants Vision pre-op 20/50  Vision post-op 20/20

“Dr. Palmer, Dr. Malone and staff provided me with oral and written information regarding the cataract surgery and on the choices for lens implantation. This was very helpful in choosing the Tecnis intraocular lenses. Dr. Palmer did a great job! I can see very well now!!”

-Wilma Lauder- Tecnis implants Vision pre-op 20/400 Vision post-op 20/20

“Everyone was great. I wish I would have gone to you guys years ago. I love not having to use glasses at all because of the work that I do (electrician). I will gladly recommend Palmer Eye Center to anyone.”

-Joe Hamilton- Tecnis implants Vision pre-op 20/50  Vision post-op 20/20

“I had no idea how good my vision would be. I am 100% satisfied with the premium implant lens. It was worth the extra cost. Overall experience- Outstanding! Very competent and friendly staff. Painless procedure with immediate results. I walked out with excellent vision.”

-Gerald “Jerry” Gerardi- Crystalens implants Vision pre-op 20/300  Vision post-op 20/25

“I feel the services offered are comparable to putting man on the moon; unbelievable sciences! The Toric lenses have improved my vision dramatically, but more than that, restored my confidence and enriched my life by enabling me to fully participate socially and making fine print manageable.”

-Joann Chichetti- Toric implants Vision pre-op 20/100  Vision post-op 20/20

“Every aspect of my treatment and preparation for the implants was excellent. The staff and Dr. Palmer were exceptional. Their care and concern- both in waiting room and the exam areas made me feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. I would and have made recommendations to others.”

-Lora Arnold- Toric implants Vision pre-op 20/400  Vision post-op 20/25

“Much easier than anticipated, great communication by staff- no problems. Fantastic eyes sight, much improved, color is brighter, print clear and precise.”

-Mary Kemp- Crystalens implants Vision pre-op 20/125  Vision post-op 20/25

“Wonderful, best describes it. Each and every person that I came in contact with was both professional and kind. No one had a business as usual attitude and everyone was very caring. That’s why instead of Charlie’s Angels I say Dr. Palmers Angels; that includes Dr. Palmer…Head Angel.”

-Patricia Robinson- Tecnis implants Vision pre-op 20/100  Vision post-op 20/20