botoxHave you been searching for a BOTOX doctor in the Tallahassee, Florida area, or have you thought about trying BOTOX® Cosmetic but didn't know where to go to get your questions answered? At Palmer Eye Institute, we believe that the best BOTOX doctors come from the eye care industry. Who would know more about the delicate underlying structures surrounding your eyes and facial features better than your ophthalmologist or family eye doctor?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a popular non-surgical, aesthetic treatment for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines. BOTOX® Cosmetic works by reducing the contractions of the muscles that cause those persistent frown lines that have developed over time.

With just one 10-minute treatment—a few tiny injections— you will see a marked improvement in moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. Each treatment can last up to 4 months. In clinical trials, nearly 90% of men and women surveyed rated the improvement in the appearance of frown lines between their brows as moderate to better 1 month after treatment.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is not as effective on static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are better treated surgically or with dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm® .